Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This was a race we can be proud of. In the face of a near media black-out and an electoral system that is stacked against independent and third party candidates, we won over 11,000 votes!

Because of your outreach, donations, and constant support, thousands of people in Philadelphia made the conscious decision to cast a vote supporting our shared vision for Philadelphia. We may not have won a seat, but this was a historic high mark for the Green Party of Philadelphia and it proved that grassroots movements have power!

I am so proud to have been able to stand with all of you in the struggle for social and economic justice, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish on the ground in the coming years. This election may be done, but we can still win this fight!

All my gratitude,

An independent voice on City Council

Five Democrats plus two Republicans has been the formula for Philadelphia's at-large members of City Council for a long time.

But this year, Philadelphia's progressives have a chance to take at least one of the two minority seats. By giving just one of your five votes on November 3 to Kristin Combs, you can add a strong progressive voice to City Council — without affecting the Democrats at all (here's how that works).

A vote for Kristin is a vote for people over profits:

  • locally controlled, high-quality public schools
  • a $15/hour minimum wage as other cities are adopting
  • neighborhood revitalization without displacement
  • strong, independent civilian review over the police
  • Philadelphia’s future as a green energy hub

Kristin is endorsed by PFT Working Educators, AFSCME DC33, APWU 7048, N.O.W. PAC and others.

As a public school teacher and proud union member, Kristin believes that the work of politicians is no more valuable than the work of every member of our community. If elected she will take a teacher's wage and donate the rest.

On November 3, vote for Kristin Combs first, then vote for any other council-at-large candidates you support. 



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Here's how to make sure your vote for Kristin counts. Download the sample ballot — print copies for yourself and your friends!

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